Hiloni Desai – Senior Associate, Sales & Operations

Hiloni Desai serves as Sales & Operations Senior Associate for CanAm Investor Services (CAIS).  In this role, Ms. Desai is a Series 7 licensed financial professional working under the Broker-Dealer CEO to coordinate and facilitate investor subscription activity for CAIS’ U.S. and overseas markets. Ms. Desai serves as a main point of contact with staff among CanAm, CAIS, and the EB-5 program, as well as external agent representatives to manage and organize each step of the sales cycle with the goal of achieving a streamlined subscription experience for our investors.

Prior to joining CAIS in 2023, Ms. Desai served in sales, trading, marketing, and analytics positions with organizations in the financial services and real estate industries. In a previous role as Financial Products Manager for Better Mortgage Corporation, Ms. Desai liaised between banking partners and the representing law firms to successfully close Mortgage Repurchase Agreements. Working as an e-commerce partner with Ezeesource LLC, Ms Desai created and launched an e-commerce store front for America’s largest online retailers.

Ms. Desai earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Finance & Psychology from Northeastern University, D’Amore-McKim School of Business in Boston, MA.


Email: hdesai@canaminvestor.com
Phone number: (646) 741-4670